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Biometric data art : personalized narratives and multimodal interaction

Han, Yoon Chung
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University of California, Santa Barbara. Media Arts and Technology
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Curtis Roads
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[Santa Barbara, Calif.]
University of California, Santa Barbara
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Multimedia communications and Fine arts
Online resources and Dissertations, Academic
Ph.D.--University of California, Santa Barbara, 2016

Biometric technology has brought enhancements to identification and access control. As more digital applications request people to input their biometric data as a more convenient and secure method of identification, the possibility of losing their personal data and identities may increase. The phenomenon of biometric data abuse causes one to question what their true identity may be and what methods can be used to define identity and hidden narratives. The questions of identification and the insecurity of biometric data have become my inspiration, providing artistic approaches to the manipulation of biometric data and having the potential to suggest new directions for solving the problems. To do so, in-depth investigation of the narratives beyond the visual features of the biometric data is necessary. This content can create a close link between an artwork and its audience by causing the latter to become deeply engaged with the artwork through their own stories.

This dissertation examines narratives and artistic explorations discovered from one form of biometric data, fingerprints, drawing on insights from various fields such as genetics, hand analysis, and biology. It also presents contributions on new ways of creating interactive media artworks using fingerprint data based on visual feature analysis of the data and multimodal interaction to explore their sonic signatures. Therefore, the artwork enriches interactive media art by incorporating personalization into the artistic experience, and creates unique personalized experience for each audience member. This thesis documents developments and productions of a series of artworks, Digiti Sonus, by focusing on its conceptual approaches, design, techniques, challenges and future directions.

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