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      • Brown wax home recording of Pine apple rag, cornet and piano duet by Mary and Lew Green, October 10, 1999

Brown wax home recording of Pine apple rag, cornet and piano duet by Mary and Lew Green, October 10, 1999


Joplin, Scott, 1868-1917
Green, Lew and Green, Mary
Variant Title:
Pine apple rag
Place of Publication:
[Place of production unknown],
Issued Date:
Personal recordings

Announcement at beginning: "Mary and Lew Green playing Pineapple Rag by Scott Joplin, ten ten ninety-nine, [...]ophone Record."

Inscription on slip: "Porcupine Rag 10-10-99."

The David Giovannoni Collection of home cylinder recordings (Set Number: 346-01, Originally acquired: Dave Heitz, 2004).

Brown wax cylinder.

Mary and Lew Green.

Place of recording likely the United States.


Cornet and piano, recorded at a party at Dave Heitz's.

Physical Description:
1 cylinder (ca. 2 min.) : 155.1 rpm ; 2 1/4 x 4 in.
Audio musical
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Department of Special Research Collections
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University of California (System). Regents

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