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The manuscript collection of Pai Hsien-yung includes short stories in “Taipei people/台北人” and their English translations, “New Yorkers/紐約客”, the novel “Crystal boys/孽子”, and several essays. All the manuscripts were written between 1967-1999. Three short stories in “Taipei people/台北人” are missing, including “The Eternal Snow Beauty/永遠的尹雪艷”, “A touch of green/一把青”, and “Wandering in the garden, waking From the dream/遊園驚夢”. They were lost during Prof. Pai’s move from his old residence to his current one. The English translation is typed on letter-sized paper marked up with comments and notes from translators, the editor, and the author. The most complete manuscripts are for the novel “Crystal boys/孽子”, including first draft, second draft, and final draft in their entirety from the first word to the last. In addition, there are several drafts for various chapters in the book. The essay collection includes pieces on a variety of subjects such as Chinese literature, stage and film adaptations of his works, and AIDS.

Bai, Xianyong, 1937-
Variant Title:
Kenneth Pai collection, Pai (Hsien-Yung) collection
20th century, Archives, Chinese literature, Bai, Xianyong, 1937-, Faculty, University of California, Santa Barbara
short stories, drama (literary genre), novels, essays, drafts (documents)
Text, Manuscript, Collection
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Department of Special Research Collections
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UArch FacP 29

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