Arthur London / Gold Coast [Ghana] photograph collection

Black and white photographs, most taken by Arthur London of scenes in and around Kumasi from 1909-1920. There also are photographs of the voyages to and from Africa, as well as Arthur, his wife Edith, son Arthur James Godfrey, daughter Joy, his mother, and what appear to be other family and friends in England. The last photographs, from the early 1920s, are from Australia and probably were taken by Edith or other family members.

London, Arthur, 1880-1920
Variant Title:
London (Arthur) / Gold Coast [Ghana] photograph collection
Ghana, Kumasi (Ghana), England, Australia
photographic prints, photographs
Collection, Still Image
Library Location:
Department of Special Research Collections
Local Identifier:
Bernath Mss 315
Arthur London / Gold Coast [Ghana] photograph collection

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